Friday, February 24, 2006

The One With Four Parts: "They're Going To Think We're Stalking Him!"

The One With Four Parts: "They're Going To Think We're Stalking Him!"

Over the last couple of years there have been numerous people of a famous or semi-famous variety who I've inadvertently seen/met whilst chasing around after one of my popstar boys. Will Young (grumpy, ignored his fans), Mark Owen (signed lots of autographs), Jamie Theakston (was a bit of an arse but then I think we scared him), Cliff Richards (he was just Cliff, I might have been able to say more but I spent most of his performance in the bar), the cast of Heartbeat (who are to football what their programme is to quality television), Jamelia (good legs, good tour manager), Atomic Kitten (Natasha's son is incredibly cute), The Fast Food Rockers (Phnarr), Mel Blatt (tiny, great handbag), Guy Chambers (pretentious French music). Often their fame has eclipsed that of the people we were interested in but very few of them have made their mark. Which either proves that I am not a moth drawn to the celebrity flame or that my levels of discernment are worrying.

It is fair to say, however, that of this list (which is by no means exhaustive) there have been very few who have won a Brit the week before I saw them, and even fewer who have ever won a Grammy. Or caused there to be proper-zoom-lens photographers waiting. Or had an entourage that was bigger than Steeeve and/or Daddy Griffin.

It is also fair to say that - under normal circumstances - I wouldn't have known the person concerned if he'd have danced naked in front of me whilst chanting his own name. I may know reality tv 'stars' from fifty paces and be able to recognise playwrights from the back of their heads but international stars? No.

And you know what? Even now, having been a few metres away from Kanye West, I still don't think I'd recognise him.

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