Friday, February 24, 2006

The One With Four Parts: Rock Chicks R Us

The One With Four Parts: Rock Chicks R Us

It having been all of two months since I went to the Bedford Monday night marked a welcome return (once again to see Riccardi) , with my giving a little nod to Kate Moss by wearing a waistcoat because I do like to pretend that I am a Rock Chick.

Nik and I having arrived, said some of the quickest hellos known to mankind and ordered the Bedford staple of chips we settled down at Becky's table which was soon filled with band members. And where Ricci Drums got to proudly announce that 2006 is to be 'the year of the gig' and - after much griping from us - that they were going to properly come north, and not just Peterborough north as was once suggested. Louis Vocals also managed to express concern about the fact that I have a computer named George, but I took little notice of this from a man who can speak for 25 minutes without interruption on the subject of sudafed.

Possibly because of all the talking for the second time in as many gigs we managed to miss a large chunk of the first act's set, making our way into the Globe just as Tony was making his way to the stage. Having had more luck with hearing Rosabella Gregory I was somewhat impressed, it was Dawson's Creek music at its finest. And from me that's a compliment. Next up were Riccardi, as Nik and I stood on the seats in our usual spot. And if Louis Vocals seemed slightly more insane than normal and Ricci Drums was wearing an interesting trilby then the set went by far too quickly. Thankfully there was just enough time for Nik and I to manage to synchronise our whooping and for Becky to do a scarily accurate impression of Billy Bass during 'Friday State of Mind'. And I realised that I do rather love the boys. Because they rock. I felt a little sorry for the girl who sung after them, who had a striking voice (if not particularly captivating songs) but who seemed a little lost after the dancing and shouting that had been going on prior to her arrival on stage.

After being quizzed by a man wanting to book Riccardi ('you're fans, right?' 'Is it that obvious?'), posing for extremely flattering pictures wearing comedy glasses it fell to spending the rest of the evening somewhere between bar and seat. The evening also managed to yeild some information about drummers forFour Chords, the informing of Simon Guitar that by default he had won 'best dressed' and that Billy Bass doesn't question my assertion that I am the 'sensible one' and that he would let me stay at his house (unlike Nik). How sensible I was being fifteen minutes or so later when - for no clear reason - my right leg managed to go into spasm when I was hugging Louis and I ended up hopping around the gutter.

But such is the life of a Rock Chick.

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