Monday, February 13, 2006

Once More Unto The Breach

Once More Unto The Breach

Because I am never one to let random websites pass me by (especially when it involves Comedy Dave from Radio One) I wasn't going to disobey Nik's command to to go and join My Space. So after work today I found myself up to my eyes in DA's first colony. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that unlike colonisation in the real world, I was able to proudly walk into this new area of cyberspace and plonk DA's flag down without a murmur from the locals (other than the odd 'server busy' thing). Obviously I don't know whether this new colony is going to propel me to riches with diamond mines and cowboy boot factories or yeild nothing more than a broken flip flop and an empty bottle of Baileys. But I'm all up for the spirit of adventure. And being one of Karl from Neighbours's friends.

So, you can also find me here. If you're already a member you should add me to your friends as I promise not to stalk you (unless you become famous in which case all is fair in love and stalking) and if you're not then you should join up and add me to your friends because you know that you want to. Team DA Needs You!


Nik said...

first of all, i didn't command you - i was telling you that you should go on because dave and aled were on it...ok maybe that is a bit of a command but to be fair i was giving you detailed updates so you could have just not. i really don't know if that makes sense but i am knackered and can't function properly, plus our house was full of gas earlier.

Val said...

That 'My Space' thing is really bizarre! It's amazing who you find by clicking a few links - I had absolutely no idea who the 'Alan' chap was!
And I'm surprised your list of plays stopped when it did (lol)

Corinne said...

Val - Sadly the proper Alan doesn't seem to be listed ;-)

Corinne said...

I'm going to make a slight ammendment to the above - it seems that there is a Fake Real Alan cybersquatting.