Friday, February 03, 2006

I wouldn't say that I'm predictable, but...

I Wouldn't Say That I'm Predictable, But...

And so it was commanded on high (by Billygean) that I answer what is officially DA's first meme:

Four Jobs I've Had:

1. Admin Monkey (Keeper of the Shredder and double sided photocopying queen) - this one covers a multitude of sins, from having to use a portaloo on a building site where I was the only person with two X chromosomes, appearing on Radio Five Live to ask Griffin if I could write on his chest when I was supposed to be showing off my telephone voice as a receptionist and being the fastest drawing scanner in the west.

2. FoH Attendant. I've been paid to watch plays, deal with ice cream that doesn't have spoons and plan 'Green Room - the Musical' at the WYP for six months now (and still no one has thrown up on me though I have had: fainting, lost bags, screaming children, a child's nose exploding when she fell down a step, lots of men who are old enough to be my father - and then some - flirting with me when I do cloakroom and someone crying over on-stage nudity). Needless to say I've done this for free in the past and would do so again.

3. Drama Assistant. Once upon a time I wrote, produced, directed and generally was Queen of the World over my Sixth Form's annual Entertainment Show. And whilst I am not one to boast, let it be known that I rocked. So much so that they invited me back the next year to do it all again. And then the year after that they actually paid me to do it.

4. Unless we count the Gov't paying me to go to Sixth Form then I've reached the end of my paying jobs. So we'll go to one of the many voluntary 'jobs' I did when I was hacking my way through University Drama - Sound Desk Woman. A big black desk with lots of buttons (only 2% of which I knew how to work), some techno music and my finally managing to get all of the cues right on the final night. Ah, well.

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again:

1. FWAAF - possibly the definitive Hugh Grant/ Richard Curtis film (they could have all made the list but I thought I'd limit myself just to the one in order not to bore you all too much). And, despite the fact that I can quote the entire script, I still cry when it gets to Auden's poem.

2. My not-so-guilty-secret, Titanic. Don't let go Rose!

3. The Hours. Based around a Woolf novel with a screenplay by David Hare - I was always going to love it.

4. Shakespeare in Love - sheer genius in a Will Shakespeare mug. And it's even got Rupert Everett as Kit Marlowe, which possibly made my life complete.

Four Places I Have Lived:

1. A two bedroom house 20 minutes from where I live now, which faced on to a square where I once fell off a skate board and grazed all of my leg.

2. My house in Crossgates. Or Cross Gates. Or Cross-gates depending on your preference.

3. Halls of residence in Oxford that looked like a giant sixties egg box, and probably smelt a bit like one too.

4. My beautiful blue plaqued house, with its view of the Radcliffe Observatory on Woodstock Road.

Four TV Shows I Love:

1. Neighbours. Twenty years and counting and it still makes me laugh, shout at my tv and, more often that it probably should, cry.

2. Friends. Oh Central Perk, how I miss you.

3. Dr Who. Because its clever, fun and I want to marry David Tennant.

4. Blackadder. For giving the world the true meaning of 'wibble'. And meaning that I can't say 'Bob' without laughing.

Four Places I've Vacationed:

1. New York. My 18th birthday present, scene of my first - and only - ride in a limo and my getting to go into the holy grail of Bloomingdales.

2. Rome. The first thing I stumbled upon on my walk out of my hotel was a statue of Byron. It's a wonder I didn't move there then.

3. SSoB's Scotland. A rented car, me map reading and the lochs at night. Utter bliss.

4. Budapest. Heart soaringly beautiful. And filled with extremely flirtatious waiters.

Four Of My Favourite Dishes:

1. Tiramisu. I would willingly sell some of my blood relatives for a piece.

2. Fish and chips at the seaside (East coast obviously) because there is really nothing which compares.

3. Chocolate cake of any kind. On this basis it's a wonder I don't weigh 20 stones.

4. Chinese Lemon Chicken. With prawn crackers. And squid for starters.

Four Sites I Visit Daily:

1. At least one of the 5 or 6 forums I'm a member of (only 90% of which are stalking-related).

2. Pop Justice.

3. All my favourite bloggers (sometimes multiple times a day if they haven't updated).

4. Mugglenet. I'd kick the habbit, but I can't.

[I've excluded the websites of necessity, like gmail, blogger and google because then you might realise, if the HP site didn't hammer it home, how geeky I really am].

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:

1. Sitting at a table outside a restaurant somewhere warm enough for me to do it at this time of year, eating tiramisu.

2. Watching the preview of Brenton's 'The Romans in Britain' at the Crucible.

3. Erm, sitting on a bed at the Evil Eye, because when wouldn't you want to be doing that?

4. In bed watching Pretty Jude Law in Closer or Hugh and Alan in Love Actually.

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Nik said...

I always write Crossgates... So in the words of Mr Comedy Dave, I'm telling you it's right ;)

My Secrets Inside said...

Mugglenet :-0 No,no,no - The Leaky cauldron is the place to be ;-P