Wednesday, February 15, 2006

At Least You Can't See Where My Rose Was...

At Least You Can't See Where My Rose Was...

When I read Nik's blog this morning it sent me running immediately to that soppy, smiley, happy place of 'the [Griffin] nightclub gigs'. Because Nightingales was one of the particularly special ones. If only for the fact that it had streamers and balloons. And I didn't find my feet sticking to the floor.

So, for posterity:

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And the final lines of the report I wrote at the time?

"Loved the club. Loved Al. But, most of all, loved the Army".

And I still agree.


cat said...

Why Corinne, we have matching bangles!

I'd managed to forget that photo existed, so thank you, not! :P

Nik and I were reminiscing about this yesterday; didn't Anna and I have to go on a mission of mercy to ASDA for you? And hit Meadowhall on the way down to get tops to attempt to customise with the crappest iron-on transfers ever?

Those were the days...

Nik said...

Oh god yeh, those transfers were crap!

"What is she wearing now then? Tramp!"

I would have posted that picture but I couldn't find a copy of it *rolls eyes*