Saturday, January 07, 2006

When I Grow Up...

When I Grow Up...

Given that I like to be fashionably late I thought that it might be time to turn to my New Year Resolutions. Which is not something that I say often, given that I don't often make them. Not - I would hasten to add - because I exist in a state of near perfection but because I generally can't think of them come midnight on the 31st of December. This year, however, I did. Or rather one crept up on me somewhat unexpectedly, and thus it appeared over on Nik's blog. So we've cemented the non-stalking of various members of the Radio One breakfast team by the time that 2007 comes around. And I feel somewhat confident about that one, just because I believe that - within reason - it's surprisingly easy to meet people you might see on tv or hear on the radio. You've just got to be willing to put the legwork in. Which is obviously spoken like a true stalker. Aherm.

But it struck me that as I'm always making mental targets then it wouldn't hurt to get a few of them down here, so that in 12 months time I can either plaster DA with gold stars or thick black crosses. So, with little fanfare other than a quick blast from the Take That album, here goes:

1. Read half of James Joyce's Ulysses.
If there is one book which I would like to be able to say that I've read in its entirety, then this would be it. As it stands I've read three or four sections of it - WHICH ISN'T ENOUGH. So I reckon a target of half way through is quite achievable, especially given there's not going to be a Potter book this year. I might even start some counter thing to push me forward.

2. Complete at least one NEW major piece of writing (20,000 words +)
Not including the completion of Four Chords, which would be cheating. And I may be competitive but I'm not a cheater.

3. Update everything on DA that needs updating.
I know lots of you have pointed out the fact that the stuff down the stage left side of this blog is out of date and I have just been too lazy to do anything about it. This is where the lazy-ness ends. I'd say that I'd sort the archives out too, but that's undoubtedly a step too far.

4. Find a new Quiz Night.
And whip all the others teams' arses.

5. Learn to play 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on the guitar.
Which also requires the repair of my guitar (it has a broken string). So it's a bit of a double whammy there.

6. Make my entry in Becky's Special Book more respectable.
You don't need to know what Becky's Special Book is about. I don't think I needed to know what Becky's Special Book is about either. Needless to say, I'm not going to be blogging the details of this one.

7. Be able to say "I'm a writer" even when I'm sober.
If only so I don't have to spend five minutes thinking up my occupation when I'm in a casualty department.

8. Go to the Edinburgh Festival/ see a play at the Globe.
Because it's two years since I did either of these (BBC broadcasts don't count) which is longer than it should be for any person.

9. Continue Team DA's mission to take over the world.
It's only a matter of time, my friends...

Which, with the Radio One non-stalkings, makes ten, a suitable number for any person I think. And it also means that you're all going to have to tune in next year to find out how these things go. Cliff hanger, baby!


bex said...

I had forgotten the special book, it took me about 5 minutes to work out what you wre talking about. lol

Val said...

I am happy to assist with 4. (though I think together we may be quite sacry at a quiz, and we'd need other team members - and 8. (its 3 years this year since i went to the Globe!)