Friday, January 06, 2006



I can vividly remember, when I'd finished writing the first draft of SSoB, wondering what I would ever be able to write next. I did wonder after the sweat, blood and emotional output whether I would ever be able to think of another topic to write about again. It's the second album syndrome. You spend so much time thinking about what your first album is going to be like - years in most cases, decades in some - that when you have to come up with number two you're a bit stumped. There's no longer a grand plan that has festered in the back of your brain for years. I suspect this is where you eat a lot of chocolate. And it bothered me slightly. Because what if that were it? If SSoB were the only thing that I'd ever write that was even half decent, what would that mean for me? I didn't want to be a - very minor - one hit wonder. So to speak.

Two years later such a thought seems had to grasp. The problem now seems to be that there is too much to write about. Everywhere I look I see flashes of things that I want to capture. I've a radio play in my head, the beginings of a one act play, the spark of a scene that I know nothing about other than that it might go somewhere and the ruminations of the second draft for Four Chords. I'm blaming this blog. It's turned me into a magnet. When you know you've got to blog - because it's a compulsion as strong as 'got' - you're constantly keeping an eye out for what you could write about. It bleeds into everything. And suddenly you've got spoons and paperclips stuck to you. Which can weigh you down at times.

After a little break post Four Chords's gestation, Monday signals the start of the re-draft process, which will hopefully be done by my birthday. Then I suspect it's out into the world for that one. Afterwards I might let some of the other stuff come pouring out, hopefully not starting a flood in the process.

And, rather excitingly given that I've a new batch of competitions to enter, the WYP got back to me following my submission of SSoB several hundred months ago and the lit manager wants to meet to talk about any future ideas I might have. Which does suppose that I actually have some. So I'm going to have to keep up the magnet thing. At least for the time being.

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