Tuesday, January 24, 2006

List Mania

List Mania

Things that have amused me greatly in the last few days:

1. Finding the 1974 film version of The Great Gatsby on DVD for under five pounds. Never has my money been so well spent, if only so I can lust after the clothing.

2. Accepting with curious abandon the impression that walking up to the tills in the first shop with Gatsby and two Pretty Jude Law films, and in the second with three Hugh Grant films creates. I may be a theatre snob, but I'm certainly not a film one. Especially on the HG film that has deleted scenes, meaning more Alan Rickman.

3. Neighbours. Not my actual ones, but the programme. As I'd been working double shifts at the WYP last week I'd missed three days of edge-of-seat-oh-my-god-there's-a-bomb-on-the-plane stuff. Which meant I spent an hour and a half sobbing without shame watching the recordings, giving myself a Titanic headache in the process. Just when I thought it safe to dispense with the tissues, I saw Monday's episode and found myself crying again, because - despite the fact that this is a soap which has only tenuous links to reality - I care about the characters. Which always means you're on the road to serious mental problems. Not least when you're crying because you can think of nothing better in this world than Susan and Karl getting back together.

4. This picture of Nik and my future GBF, Aled from the Radio One Breakfast Show.

5. The discovery that the BBC is going all crazy for my Romantic boys. Even if I want to take them to task on some of their analysis, which does seem a tad Romantics by numbers for my liking. Not that I'm pernickity, or anything.


Nik said...

first of all, i've not met anyone yet who doesn't want susan and karl back together and second of all, i wonder what aled will wear to the next eviction...

Val said...

well, I do rather like the look of the actor who's playing Byron - and apparently he was Banquo in the recent Beeb version of the Scottish Play!