Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm not a Princess, I'm a Punk!

I'm not a Princess, I'm a Punk!

If you're wondering the title comes from My Mother Said I Never Should and was one of my favourite lines in the play. Because though I'm often a [Disney] Princess, some times I'm a rock chick too. Which is probably neither here nor there, but the line popped into my head today when I was reading Vogue. And whilst I always get excited about Vogue - because I am shallow - I was even more excited today. If there is one thing better than a day without work and a new copy of Vogue to read then it is a day without work and a new copy of Vogue which has Sienna Boho-Princess on the front. And I shocked myself slightly about just how excited I was when I saw that Sienna was on the cover. It is probably fair to say that I am developing something of an obsession with the woman. I saw it as a mark of Nik's friendship that when we were on the tube going to the Bedford last month she pointed out the presence of Sienna in the corner of a paper one of the commuters was reading. AND then went and rescued it for me.

But back to Sienna in Vogue, rather than anything more worrying on my part. "When people label me 'boho-chic', it makes me want to cut my hair off and start dressing like a punk". I suspect that that might include Boho-Princess, but, hey, Boho-Punk-Princess is a bit of a mouthful; especially when it's a surname. And I suspect that would be rather missing the point anyway. What did make me smile though, given my utter fondness for Team DA, was the final words of the interview:
"I couldn't bear it when I heard that people were wearing 'Team Sienna' T-shirts because the one thing I really don't want to be seen as is a victim".
I've never thought of the rash of celebrity t-shirts as being playing towards the cult of victim-ness but it's an interesting point, and one which maybe more so to me as I'm reading a book of Ginny Woolf's status in the world at large [and yes, Ginny has had her own t-shirts] at the moment. And if that book is making me think about what it is to be a female icon and how that differs from being a male one, and if seeing Bronte last year made me think about what it is to be a female writer as opposed to a male one, then I cannot help but think what this means for me, and what it means for DA - a blog which comes with a picture of one of the 20th century's greatest iconic female victims.

And I like to think that Team DA - and this blog - is perhaps the very antithesis of the victim-hood that Sienna sees in those t-shirts. Because if I hold up Sienna, as I hold up Ginny, as I hold up Marilyn every time I blog, I do so not as victims but as a celebration. Very different celebrations, but celebrations nonetheless. And if there is such a thing as a blogger's republic - where amongst my favourite bloggers women outnumber men by 5:1 - then I can't help but think how this medium has given rise to so many female voices that might not otherwise be heard. I'm sure I just hit upon a two year academic study right there. Girl power, baby.

When I started writing this entry I thought it would be a couple of paragraphs on Sienna and yet it has turned into something quite different, something I think that hits to the heart of why I write. And I didn't expect that. Which I guess shows that you should never underestimate Vogue. Or indeed Sienna Boho-Princess.


gayle said...

I am also becoming slightly obsessed with Sienna (although not as obsessed as I am with Keira Knightley), and am considering copying her hair. If I can be bothered to grow it long enough that is.

cat said...

it what every woman should have, a blog of one's own.

I'm sooo with you on the Keira thing too Gayle, it's almost a girl crush!