Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dating, Wonderland Stylee

Dating, Wonderland Stylee

"You'll never guess what happened!"


"The Lizard* just asked me out!"

"The Lizard?"

"Yes! He ran across the restaurant after me!"

"He ran?"

"Yes, he ran. That's the most important bit!"


"I know!"

"You do know I'm using this?!"***

[If only for the reason that it proves that theatres are a fantastic dating agency for gay men.]

*As you might imagine, our lead show being Alice in Wonderland**, we've got a lot of animals wandering around the building.

**Officially an English Icon.

***This refers not to this blog, whose existance I don't publicise, but to the play I've been told I have to write about a theatre. But I reckon that if I can use it there, I can use it here too.

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