Saturday, January 28, 2006

Birthday Letters

Birthday Letters

A few weeks ago I began to wonder how I could celebrate DA's birthday. Quickly it occurred that possibly the best way to do it would be to show everything which I love about blogging (forget what you want, this is DA's day) - which is chiefly how wonderfully interactive the whole experience is. So, mainly for my own amusement if I'm honest, I set about asking people who have been part of the DA experience (both in starring roles and as readers and fellow bloggers) to write a blog to celebrate DA's birthday. The only specification was that they wrote on a subject which they felt would fit in on DA. This resulted in blogs on the Chris Moyles's Breakfast Show, Pub Quizes, Byron, Sienna, Harry Potter and Swishy Robes, which at the very least served to show that DA is as odd as I always thought it was.

To say I was chuffed by the results is something of an understatement. Especially since none of the people I asked told me to get lost. So I owe a big thank you to all who have contributed. You've made me a very happy bunny indeed.

Now I have to leave the blogs to speak for themselves:

Let's Get Ready to Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamble! - Nik

Robes - Severus Snape.

Boho-Princess - Jen.

Isn't It Byronic - Billygean.

A Night Out - Griffin.

Pottering - Jenny (*update*)

NB: DA Birthday Letters come with a small but significant apology to JKR and ARG - il miglior fabbro.

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