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Birthday Letters: Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamble!

Birthday Letters: Let's Get Ready To Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamble!

My first blogger and I have shared many things (and plans). Indeed I'm sure that when I decided that I wanted to share the contents of my stomach lining for a consecutive 12 hours she wished we shared a little less.

So for DA's first birthday letter comes a blog from Nik on one of our joint loves...
Let's Get Ready To Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamble!

So, I should probably start by saying Happy Birthday DA! There, that's done; though I must now say that I am rather disappointed that DA's birthday does not coincide with the two year anniversary of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show - that would be rather impressive, nor does DA's birthday seem to result in a trip to New York...

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A lot of people resign under the false notion that I am "obsessed" with Radio 1. I call it research. After all, it was listening to Radio 1 that made me decide that I wanted to work in radio so to continue to listen is only fair. The Radio 1 Breakfast Show is the main reason I get up so early in the morning; it helped me get up and revise during my exams in the summer and I have many memories of lying on the floor of Corinne's room in Oxford - ensuring I don't wake up halfway under her bed - listening to Radio 1 and generally being in hysterics over something stupid Aled's done or something Dave said; like the time Corinne went for a shower and came back to me telling her that when Dave was little he had drawn Pontius Pilate in a helicopter; or indeed the amount of texts that went between us during the shows at the start of the summer concerning some random comment a member of the team had made on the show that morning.

You see, the notion that Corinne and I are one person therefore governs that we like the same people. Usually. The Plan isn't testament to this but that's another story altogether. As a general rule, we love Dave. And Aled. In fact, we want him as our new GBF. Well not new since, to my knowledge, we don't have an 'old' GBF. Yet the man is amazing, who do you know who would turn up to the Big Brother eviction in a big fur coat or indeed a swimsuit complete with a fetching blonde wig? Or tell George Galloway that on Big Brother he came across as an old, bitter and twisted old man only to be threatened by both some bloke from George's party and Dennis Rodman?

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Certainly not Dave, but we love him anyway because he makes us laugh. A lot. Usually because he says the stupidest things without thinking, uses the most random terms for things or asks if cows that live on hills are born with two legs shorter than the other...* Also, he once played 'Semi Charmed Life' on Tedious Link which resulted in Corinne dancing round her bedroom and me spilling coke all over the desk in the library.

We don't agree on many things - Robbie Williams, being one of them - but we do agree that the Radio 1 Breakfast Show is comedy genius.

*In case you were wondering, "the answer is no because when they turned round, they’d fall over."

Nik is an English Finalist and self confessed Radio One addict. You can read more of her blogging at Flash Frequency.

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