Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birthday Letters: Pottering

Birthday Letters: Pottering
A final birthday letter...

This one's from someone I know almost entirely through the world of blogging - though I did meet her very briefly a few weeks ago, but I was sweaty and being escorted out of a building so it might not count.

So from Jenny, something with a flavour of The Boy Who Lived...

So I'm late again, (although technically it's only an hour since Saturday actually ended) and I've already seen what others have blogged about in celebration of the wonderful blog that is DA's birthday, to be honest they're all too good to compete with, I couldn't choose what to blog about and I talk rubbish most of the time so I'll keep this short and try not to talk about anything too complicated, especially not when it is about half 12 at night and I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard.

I'm not sure if I'd have started blogging at all if it hadn't have been for DA, I happened to stumble across it one day and have been reading it regularly since then. I was relieved to find someone who blogged about Harry Potter, someone older and more intelligent As well, which made me think it was O.k for me to mention it, quite a bit I must admit (there's more HP related stuff to be blogged about tomorrow, *oh goody I hear you cry*) in my blog. I can see why the fascination with Snape aka Alan Rickman is there but I prefer the good guys ;-) (hmm, yes Snape may still be good but that's a much too complicated issue to go in to now). So anyway better get to the point to this blog as I said this would be short. You can blame DA for me starting my blog or if you like my blog you can thank DA...i'll leave you to decide which you'd rather do ;-) :-)

Jenny is 16, a Griffinette and an unashamed Harry Potter fan. You can read more of her blogging at My Secrets Inside.

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