Friday, December 02, 2005

The 'C' Word

The 'C' Word

After the initial possibility of getting lost in the bowels of the WYP - with or without a tray of ice-cream - my shifts there had settled into something that, more often than not, felt like I was getting paid to watch a play. Which is, let it be known, a very, very good thing. Getting in to a play for free had always been my target before. Actually getting paid to sit in is a whole other level. And very good thing indeed.

Having lulled me into a false sense of security (albeit one that involved multiple watching of the second half of twelfth night) my last six shifts have shown me the bit-that-they-try-to-scare-you-with-during-interview. Not my ending up with a tea-towel on my head, finally achieving something that Primary School never yeilded in the shape of a Mary-Nativity moment, because, as scary as that is, it's not something they could have predicted at interview. But THE CHRISTMAS SEASON OF DOOM. I've not had any vomit to deal with yet, but I can tell it's only a matter of time. Because we've had every possible food stuff squashed and ground into the theatre floor. And if even half of the amount that I've seen on the floor is making it into the stomachs of the under tens then WE HAVE A PROBLEM. And it's not a problem I'm looking forward to dealing with.

If the looming possibility of vomit weren't enough, then the fact that we're going to pull in around a thousand people a night might do it. Do you know how many toilet breaks those thousand people will have? Seriously, I'd say I've been to the theatre in excess of 150 times and I've never - EVER - been to the toilet in the midst of a performance. I've crossed my legs and bolted out of the upstairs at the New Theatre in Oxford, scattering a class of ten year olds in my wake, diving into the ladies the moment the house lights came on but that doesn't count. Intervals are made for loo breaks and ice cream. But I suspect that I'm in a minority here.

Conversely I rather love seeing a theatre so full (if not when I have to work the coffee shop during the interval), it's a very different buzz to when we're dealing with 200 people. And anything that gets people into a theatre ('We Will Rock You' aside because, let's be honest, that IS NOT THEATRE, it's badly strung together crap), be it Alice and the Cheshire cat, or a well known Poet's first full length play, I think is a very good thing (though I'm reserving my pronounement on said poet's play until next week when it will be finished and I don't have a responsibility to the WYP regarding the production).

We also have some fantastic Alice tat. And you know how I love my tat. Especially when it comes from Alice's shop in Oxford.

Just don't mention sight lines or E-numbers to me. At least not until March.

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Nik said...

Last week the director of the Shakespeare Institute told us in a lecture that we weren't allowed to use the c word and wasn't going to tell us what it was, which she realised a split second later was a bad idea. The c word is character. I don't think it's the same as your c word, though it does fit.

P.S Can I have free ice cream if I promise not to throw up?