Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What happened to a piece of paper and a biro?

What happened to a piece of paper and a biro?

There is the important distinction between things that I need and things that I want. The only problem being that in the newly-discovered era of having-money-which-isn't-my-overdraft the distinction has become a bit blurred. Take my most recent, and indeed most exciting, purchase - a new laptop. I wanted a laptop. That bit was clear enough. But did I need one? Well, I would argue, whilst my desktop really isn't showing its age, it remains four years old. In computer years that must be pushing middle age. And the thing about a desktop is that it remains on the desk. I'm a girl on the move. I want to write sitting on my bed, on a train, in the middle of the park (I'm obviously not taking into account the fact that we are quickly plunging headfirst into winter and the chances of me choosing to sit in the park are currently somewhere below zero). That I have a spiral notepad that has proven itself under such circumstances is to be discounted. I can't format italics in that.

So you see why the wanting got confused with the needing? After a few weeks of looking, comparing random system information (really, all I wanted was something I could type on that wouldn't be adverse to burning me the odd cd) and generally coming over as a penny pincher in the way that only people from Yorkshire can, I finally settled. My new baby should be with me some time at the end of next week. I'm somewhat looking forward to the naming ceremony.*

Should I start to moan that I am working ridiculous hours in the next fortnight (not to mention FOH-ing** Twelfth Night three times in four days) point me in the direction of this entry. I'd blame the laptop, but I can't. I'm full of the glow***.

*What? Surely everyone names their electrical equipment.

**Front-of-house - ing.

***There seems to be a lot of the glow going round in DA this week. I could be confusing the glow with the lemsip I'm taking by the bucketload because of STUPID FRESHER'S FLU that I should not have were it not for the fact that there are a heck of a lot of freshers work at the WYP.

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Val said...

You know you probably wouldn't have caught 'Fresher's Flu' if you hadn't gone out with wet hair!