Monday, October 31, 2005

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

If DA has been a little quiet recently then it has nothing to do with my on-going love affair with blogging (which is as strong as ever given the amount of times I find myself saying 'I'm going to blog that') but more to do with the ever present Four Chords deadline. Suddenly, for a play that's been in my head, or mashing around in sections for pretty much the last few months, it has taken on a life of its own. It has shape, and form, and its characters are starting to do things without me pushing them into corners. But this does mean that when I haven't been at a theatre, or working the switchboard, or shopping for capes, there really has only been one thing that I've been doing. Writing. But not blogging. And I suspect that this will continue until at least the end of the week. By which time I'm hoping to have finished the first draft. I will probaly sqeauk and squeal a little when that happens because, hey, this is exciting. Capital letters EXCITING if I'm honest.

But the problem with the exciting writing bit is that when you've spent all day sorting out the structural and emotional needs of the final scene of the first act (it's a bit of a complicated bugger for a writer whose previous play was set in a room, given its six characters, three locations and the fact that it cuts from one to the other) it's sad but true that I feel a little tired to blog. My fingers kind of hurt. Not like the hurt when I had to do a days worth of a typing a month ago. That was pain. But there's an ache. And all I really have in my brain is how I'm going to top and tail the first scene of the second act (which is largely written). Which is not conducive to funny or emotive blogging. Pretentious blogging that will leave you confused yes. But otherwise, no.

But I do have things to tell you about. Villette and the Stephen Joseph Theatre, the aforementioned cape saga (seriously I'm sure Sienna doesn't have such problems finding a bloody cape), another gift shop extravaganza. You'll just have to wait on edge of your seats (or maybe not...).

And, as it's today, BOO! Now send me lots of sweets.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Miller,

I am a classic English pear shape, with disproportionately short legs, but a really “nice top” half. Will a cape make me look dumpy?

Yours in anticipation, Tormented of Teesside

Nik said...

Two can play that game...BOOOOOO! Now give me lots of sweets... :P