Sunday, October 09, 2005

All The Way To Reno

All The Way To Reno

Because of my hardly concealed love for those stalwarts of British television - and former Pop Gods - Ant and Dec, I've been following their gameshow marathon extravanganza. I suspect I'd like the show anyway because, let's face it, gameshows are QUIZES. And you know how much I love a good quiz. Even if, in these cases, the best you're going home with is a - oooooo - caravan. But it's not the wonder that is eighties quiz shows or even Ant or Dec that I'm wanting to blog about. No, it was what happened when I didn't switch the television off immediately after the show finished. X-Factor.

For those of you still blissfully unaware of what's happening in the world of the make-Simon-Cowell-even-richer-than-he-is-now, X-Factor had reached the night of deciding who was to go forward to the weeks of live shows, off key vocals and Kate Thornton's hideous outfits. I felt I was pretty safe to keep the television on. Aside from seeing some of the earlier freaks, I've not followed the show, I don't know these people, I've no reason to care.

Predictably I was crying the moment that the first guy sat down next to Sharon. And as the show worked its way through the parade of singers and groups it only got worse. I wasn't even sure if it was better for me when they got through or when they didn't, my tear ducts were working overtime either way. Because however lacking charisma, or the ability to remain in key, or remember the words they were this was their dream. Their green light at the end of a dock, if you will. And if there's something I love even more than a quiz, it's a dream.

It only got worse when they had to go and inform their familes, sat grouped together, anxiously waiting the news. The 'YES!'s jumped around and screamed. The 'No's hugged each other and cried. I got the same kind of feeling I get watching the beginning of Love Actually and its airport reunions. And I blew my nose a bit more.

Even as I watched though my cynical side was kicking in. As the contestants talked about how much it would change their lives, it seemed rather painfully obvious that it won't. If they're very, very lucky maybe one of them might have their life changed by the programme. For the rest of them it's some Saturday night tv exposure, followed by a few roadshows, some D-List parties and a descent into oblivion. And yet each of them believed. This was it. Their BIG CHANCE.

It almost seemed churlish of me to let reality into the picture.


gayle said...

I cried too. The background music didn't help, Everybody Hurts and Angels, and the piece de resistance for me personally, Let It Be. That song never fails to bring back painful FA2 final memories. :o(
I'll still be watching next week though!

My Secrets Inside said...

Another who cried and I agree about the background music - Let it be :-(
But again I expect I'll watch again next week. Feel sorry for all of them really, if the same is going to happen to this winner than happened to the other winners of shows like this they won't be around in the charts etc. or be following their dreams for long afterwards. *rollseyes*

Nik said...

It's like one mind. I cried today...but it wasn't from watching X Factor. Oooh we should play a game and make you guess what it was... said...

I also cried, alas, alack. It's sadistic though, who wants to be filmed when telling their families they 'failed?'

Will Young's done well though.


Val said...

I ended up watching it – but I didn’t cry – I don’t find any of them that appealing at the moment, and the programme is so obviously manipulative (Sharon and her false emotion – honestly, someone should give that woman some acting lessons) that I really can’t get sucked in.