Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well I Said What About Dawson's Creek?

Well I Said What About Dawson's Creek?

After something of a minor collapse, no doubt threatening the structural integrity of the dining room ceiling, I thought it wise to at least make a start of sorting through the random crap which has accumulated in the area that used to be my desk. But because sorting through bits of paper and Get Along Gang minatures isn't that exciting, especially given the fact that I seem to have slipped into full time work at the moment, I settled instead for sorting out the pile of videos that were spilling on to the floor. I'm not sure how much this is going to help the whole desk-asthetic problem because, let's face it, dealing with the videos is like pouring a bottle of water on to a house fire. The difference it makes is pretty negligble. But it is out of small steps that giant leaps are made, so the videos seemed as good a place as any to start.

And, if I were to reduce myself to stereotypes, then I think the pile of homerecorded videos would be a good a place as any to create a stereotype. Indeed I was worried that there wasn't a single curve ball in there. In no particular order I located:

1. The film Wilde. One of my all time icons and Pretty Jude Law. It's like all my Christmases come together.

2. A couple of episodes of 'What Not To Wear', because I am not ashamed to say that I LOVE THAT SHOW. It's pointing and being smug about other people's clothing. On national television. What's not to like?

3. A tape of 'Will & Grace' episodes. I've always been on the edge of being a W&G fan proper, I mean that whole 'Just Jack' business was hilarious, but never quite made the leap to the big league. Possibly I exhausted my tv series addiction on Friends. Possibly I never got over the fact that no one in W&G is Chandler.

4. Dawson's Creek. Which probably goes to show how long it has been since I cleaned out my videos. I loved DC. In fact I need to state that again. I loved DC. It escapes me why I didn't go and stalk Joshua Jackson when he was in London. Sadly the video concerned was of episodes from season five just when the show turned into The Joey Story. And it didn't even have the one where Dawson's dad dies whilst picking up his icecream. I doubt there's ever going to be a better tv serial death than that one.

5. The second half of Richard II at the Globe. Now I love The Globe. And I love RII (it even made its way into my Desert Island Shakespeare list). But the reason that I only have the second half? Well I couldn't watch the second half live, which had not a little to do with...

6. Griffin. Or rather, two episodes of CBBC at the tortuous reality television show, one of which had a clip of Griffin's hometown which weirded me out as I recognised everything, a tape of random Bring It On promotional stuff, one of You & Me stuff and a tape that just had his (and indeed my) Radio Five Live appearance on. Please keep in mind that I once had Ant and Dec tapes in multiple figures. Griffin got off lightly.

Damn how predictable I'm becoming.


Jen said...

You put me to shame. I have 50 videos piled up by the side of my TV...All of Griffin. They are starting to splay out across the room :S (I don't know how many are in the box in the other room though)

Nik said...

Man, I love Dawson's Creek...but not Joey. See now that's just slack that you didn't know that years from then you would find the video so considered this at the time and taped the GOOD series'... :P

Corinne said...

Erm, Jen, do you operate a library service with those videos? ;-)

Don't worry, Nik, I'm cursing my lack of foresight too. Especially given I know I used to have some season two videos. Bah.

Nik said...

Please don't tell me you taped over them with Season 5! That's unforgiveable.