Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Sponsored By Disney

There are times when I find myself talking about the writing thing more than I spend actually doing it. I'd put the last few weeks into that bracket, what with explaining to the fifty million other attendants at the WYP what I'm currently doing with my time and because I'm spending so much time explaining there or building what is becoming an increasingly intimate relationship with the office scanner, it all adds up to one thing. Not writing. Which is not a good thing when I've got a self imposed deadline for Four Chords to adhere to, a Live Theatre imposed deadline for my, as yet un-named, ten minuter and a Screen Yorkshire imposed deadline for applying to take part in their shorts program in the New Year. Which all adds up to lots of deadlines and not a lot of action.

Yesterday, though...

I think raising the subject of Four Chords with Griffin the other week, however jokingly I did so and however jokingly it was responded to*, maybe mentally freed me up a bit. In short? It doesn't scare me that I'm diving off of chunks of the Griffin experience. The more I muse on the subject the more I realise that I have to write this play as it wants to be written. And, currently, that means that Griffin's in focus.

So if that doesn't scare me any more, it's allowed me to include him in my research more than I'd intended to. Seriously, when there's a wealth of before, during and after interviews at my finger tips it seems foolish not to. It was something of Griffin's that I wasn't actively looking for, that I stumbled across when clearly out the videos, that inspired me. In an interview for the Disney Channel of all places. And it struck me because all though I've heard him utter similar sentiments in the past year, it was rather startling to hear him say it in the midst of the experience:

"It's not quite everything you think it's going to be".

And so I'm not taking him out of context, or making the Studio Disney interview with Griffin seem more deep and interesting than it actually was, Griffin was specifically talking about fame and he immediately undercut it. But the rest didn't matter. It was the questions that it raised in my head, the question that it struck me that Ben and Jude** have to answer.

24 hours later, as I sat at the WYP prior to my shift starting, I pulled out my notebook and started some dialogue with that sentence. In fifteen minutes I had the last five pages of the play written. And it felt rather wonderful.

Which points to two things. Firstly, the research lark. A very good idea. I'm going to have to do some more in the areas that I might otherwise have chosen to ignore for being too close to home. Secondly, at this rate Griffin's going to be entitled to his percentage share even if he's not in it.

*I'm hoping it was a joke, because otherwise I agreed three times that Griffin can play the lead. And I don't even know if he can act.

** They'll be my leads.

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