Friday, September 30, 2005

Now Is Not The Time To Cry

Now Is Not The Time To Cry

Over the past few months I've blogged about Griffin quite a few times. Or, possibly more specifically, about the 'Griffin Experience' which has been something of a rollercoaster of not always positive emotions. And whilst I know that there are still things that may irk me - thankfully not Griffin's deck shoes which seem to have dissapeared - there's a reason I hauled myself round the country for a year. As I listened to Griffin singing 'With Or Without You' in a pub in York this week I believed in him so much that it actually hurt. Because he's fucking amazing. In his stripey jumper he was also rather cute too. But the cuteness wouldn't have kept me coming back for this long. I may be shallow but I'm not stupid. After all, think of how many pairs of shoes I could have bought with the money I've spent. I need more than cute to justify that.

Due to half a cheese sandwich and a chocolate biscuit being the entire contents of my food intake I was rather on the drunker side of tipsy before Griffin had even arrived. Which, combined with my tiredness [I'm sorry but 45 hour weeks do not add up to part time], meant that I was somewhat giddy. No, actually that should be I WAS GIDDY. Jump in the street, slide down the side of the bar giddy. I was ready to be blown away. And I was.

As I listened whilst Griffin busked his way through a second - impromptu - set, getting chords wrong, missing out words, sounding achingly beautiful, it seemed like we might have all reconciled ourselves to the situation, Griffin included. I loved it that Griffin felt relaxed and happy enough to sit amongst twenty or so fans and sing. It's not always going to be like that, even with the level of fans he currently has, but that it was possible - just this once - finally bannished once and for all the misgivings about what felt like fairly shoddy treatment towards the end of last year. And anyway, what did it matter?

It's all about the music.
And the piranas.

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Nik said...

does pirana have a 'h' in it, or am i just making that up? i once went fishing for piranas, i was crap because they're bloody fast. my brother, on the other hand, caught two, which he delighted in greatly - especially since my dad didn't catch any.