Friday, September 02, 2005

Next Time I'll Skip Coffee

Next Time I'll Skip Coffee

Along with my new diary (it's either buy a new academic year one even though I'm no longer a student* or have no idea what's happening until January. I took the former option) has come the urge for new beginnings. Tuesday will mark a double one. First night working at the WYP (which also means that I'll get my t-shirt) and, possibly even more momentous, the first day of my writing career proper. Not that I am being paid - even in t-shirts or actual pound coins for that one. But I cannot keep uttering the 'I want to write'** sentence every time someone asks me what I want to do. After all, how difficult is it to write? I'm writing now. Blabbering possibly, but writing nontheless. The difficult bit is being paid to write. But you don't get the latter without the former and I haven't spent the last few months getting to know the ins and outs of foundations without some higher purpose. Going part time in a job that I don't care about was always a means to an end. And that end was most definitely writing shaped. So on Tuesday I start my 9-5 writing.

But if that is a big beginning - at least in my head and what it makes me think about myself - then I'm excited about smaller beginnings too. And I've got a couple for DA. The first of which doesn't actual belong to DA, but is more like a sister to her. If you can follow that, then well done. There's probably nothing of my ramblings that will baffle you. But to return to where I was, sister DA. Or as she is properly known: A Year In The Army. If it were a soap powder it would be a NEW! IMPROVED! VERSION! for whiter than white laundry.

When I re-read this later I'll probably wonder if I've been drinking.

*Though in a supreme switch around, Daddy Furness now is courtesy of a work related course at Leeds Met.

**I didn't say that to the lady at Barclays today when I was sorting out my graduate account. On balance I thought 'I want to work in theatre' was marginally less likely to make her withdraw my overdraft facility than 'I want to write'. I also managed to hold in the answer of 'shoes' to the question 'what do you spend your wages on?'.

4 comments: said...

Does this mean you are no longer ym contractor and I your project manager?

JP said...

I just thought I'd pop my head up again in this part of cyberspace. As ever I've enjoyed catching up on your blog, and I wish you every success with the new job on Tuesday.

Penny said...

Don't say I want to write and I want to be a writer, say "I write", "I am a writer". Most writers don't get paid for their writing, anyway, outside of film and television (and even then you generally get a rep from writing soap and short films before you get cash), and JK Rowling. They get paid for their reputation - people pay them to write reviews, appear on discussion programmes, run workshops, appear at literary festivals, adapt existing works for yer film and telly, collaborate with even bigger names, take up residencies and teach on Arvon courses.

How about starting your own theatre company, fringe or TIE - banks and funders give you money for projects, not to be a writer.

Jen said...

Hope everything goes well, will be thinking of you and all your dreams coming true!!!