Thursday, September 01, 2005



"I never work alone - this is Malcolm"

Only there's one thing about Malcolm which makes him stand out. He's made of plastic.

"Imagine he's got arms and legs"

It's a bit of a leap, but I can do it. I used to imagine that fairies lived in the bottom of my garden. After that, giving Malcolm working limbs is no problem.

"Now, you walk into a room and see Malcolm on the floor. What do you do?"

Wonder who left a plastic dummy with no arms or legs on the floor? Return it to the props department? Plan to shove it in my handbag and sell it on ebay?

Sadly, it would seem that the answer is none of the above. And suddenly I'm wishing that I hadn't stopped watching Holby City when they killed off one of my favourite characters without warning.

Thirty minutes later, with the aid of Malcolm, the entire room knows what to do. Heart massaging, fits, bumps, cuts and all.

Which, regardless of how useful it may be in a theatre, should come in useful the next time we're in the fountain.*

*Ooo, do you think I'd get to cut off the clothes like in Casulty?

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Nik said...


whoo we can be CPR certified together. when we did all that stuff at the start of camp, ikea decided "i want to save the black one", it was pretty funny.