Monday, September 12, 2005

I Have Mostly Been Learning

I Have Mostly Been Learning

Tonight's my third shift at the WYP, and last one as a trainee. Which means that it's probably time to reflect on what I've learnt.

1. When ice cream tubs (one pound twenty girls and boys) don't have a spoon in you can't seel them. And if you can't sell them there is only one thing for it. Yum.

2. Dracula shouldn't do jazz hands. It's distracting.

3. Even big playhouses have problems with their t-shirt printers.

4. That Bramwell Bronte was a bit odd.

5. That the closest to a heat spotted I've come has been a member of the Emmerdale cast. Apparently there were 'ballet people' at Dracula on Thursday but I don't have the skills the recognise them.

6. That, one day, I will get lost in one of the fifteen million corridors. Hopefully I won't be carrying ice cream.

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cat said...

or, maybe you should be carrying ice cream, then at least you'll have something to live off until you're found?