Thursday, September 22, 2005

How To:

How To:

Drive me insane:

Put up a sign reading "Tonights [sic] show is a preview performance" and then make me stand opposite it selling programmes for over an hour. If I managed not to go find a marker pen and add the apostrophe to the official sign for Twelfth Night then one of my co-workers wasn't quite so lucky with his homemade birthday drinks sign. There was no way I was letting him get away with "Im". My inner pendant couldn't deal with it.

Make me happy:

Tell me to go and sit in the bar whilst waiting for my free taxi home [WYP fact fans, any show which finish after 10:30 entitles the attendants to a free ride home. Ha, ha, lobotomy bus guys].

Make me giddy:

Be Ian Brown (WYP's Director) and have your post show discussion sitting at the table next to me. I was rather sad when my taxi arrived and I had to leave.


Nik said...

Argh for the apostrophe. At camp, me & OJ used to go into the office and change any notices that had spelling mistakes, except we couldn't change one where Pepsi spelt staff, 'staf' because it was a notice saying her mum had given all the stafF at camp these cool light up whistles and we couldn't change one from Lyle thanking everyone for her birthday presents and cards even though she put, 'i apriecate' or something equally wrong. Bleugh.

Val said...

Your inner pendant????

Hugs xxx

Corinne said...

Ok, I'd be meaning my inner pedant. :-P Lunch break blogging is not good for the spelling.

See, that's why I stick to criticising apostrophes.

Shona said...

Val beat me to it, but, refraining from adding comments to a post show discussion deserves stars!

Jen said...

I love the imagery of an inner pendant. quite like the inner child...a very dreamy kind of referrence :)

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