Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Who knew that one bald guy with a lobotomy and an absense of manners would start a craze?

I'd like to take credit but this belongs to Jen and her mounting cafepress obsession. Who needs team Aniston and Jolie?*

*Actually me. And you know I'm so on Jenifer's side.**

**I'd quite like a Team DA top though. I hate to think what the rival team would be called (answers in the comments box...)


Jen said...

Now I'm Blushing!!!
I think the world is definitely ready for team DA ;-)

Oh and I was on Jennifer's side too :)

Nik said...

team NMTM.

bring it on :P

Corinne said...

Really, Jen, you shouldn't encourage me.

You do know Nik that if we're going to have rival Team t-shirts we're going to have to have a blog war. ;-) Colin Murray's cd anyone?