Sunday, August 07, 2005

Snape, Knickers and The Army

Snape, Knickers and The Army

Given my current google project I've been taking more notice than usual of my google visitors. And I'm quietly chuffed with some of them.

Take there's something about Snape for example. That's a quality blog right there and, even though I know that all but maybe four or five of my readers will be bashing their heads in despair and going off to find a new read where the writer doesn't have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, it's one I'd quite like to write. After all - for all I'm giving the impression of democracy in this google project it doesn't change the fact that it's still a dictatorship here.

I'd love to be able to blog about the phoebe bag by mulberry but, short of an unexpected windfall, I'd falter at the fact that the closest I've come to a phoebe was looking at it in Grazia magazine. I suspect that I might fair better on the subject of the boho princess, even if I'm not one myself - future daughter watch out - I like to think I know my boho from my hobo.

I was not, however, impressed with this google. What kind of blog do they think this is?*

The whole google idea is undoubtedly fuelled by a desire to expand the DA conversation, but google - and my comments - are not the only place where that conversation has been going this week. On Monday I blogged about seeing Griffin and what the experience made me think about "the army" tag we gave ourselves back in the days of yore**. And it got a very thoughtful, interesting and - the biggest compliment I can give to a blogger - honest response over on My Secrets Inside . Which also made me think as to whether there are any other Griffin-fan bloggers out there...come on you know you want to...

*Maybe one that mentions knicker flashing, Glastonbury and Jo Whiley which, on reflection, probably isn't too far from the mark.

**Yore being winter 2003/04.

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