Monday, August 15, 2005

Shakespeare's heroines Don't Vomit When They Die

Shakespeare's Heroines Don't Vomit When They Die

I may neither be a Shakespearian heroine or on the verge of dying [though I think my sense of the dramatic can easily straddle both camps] but the fact remains. I feel sick.

And this is diconcerting because alcohol or motion induced sickness excluded I cannot remember the last time I was ill. Flu, yes. You may even have read about it. But, becoming intimately equated with my bathroom sickness, no. I sense I'm on the cusp and, dear reader, it could go either way.

This is, I think, the part of the blogging experience where I need to stop sharing. But you're getting my general queasiness in lieu of a proper blog. Because I do have a proper entry to write. Indeed so huge is the entry in question that if it were a word it would be iconic.

But the iconic blog is going to have to wait. A least until I feel the desire to write a blog without the word 'vomit' in it.


cat said...

*hugs* (but not too close) you have my sympathies, I'm dealing with my own mucus related issues today. is Elliott's Law of Reverse Enjoyment Proportion manifesting itself physically now too?


Val said...

It could be! I'm just praying (to any manifestation of Jesus that i can think of)that I didn't catch anything off either of you yesterday!!

Hugs to both.

P.S iconic! good word!