Saturday, August 13, 2005



You know those days when you get absolutely nothing done despite that fact that you apparently have all the time in the world to do lots of interesting/important/mundane [delete as appropriate] things? Today would be one of those days.

Given the discovery that smelly-work* really eats into your time, I refuse to have one of my saturdays go down as 'wastage'. So to combat the feeling that I-have-done-nothing-today it must be noted that I've gained a bottle of wine as a belated Graduation present and, courtesy of Obi 4's looming birthday, a ticket for Legoland. Along with knowing the names of various WWE wrestlers*** and having easy access to a playstation should the mood take you, free legoland tickets are one of the perks of having small brothers****. So not quite total, unmitigated wastage. But not far.

* Obviously my work doesn't actually smell.**

**Excluding the toilets on the building site. They smell.

***Look you never know when that's going to come up in a quiz.

****Not that either of them are actually 'small' in any technical sense any more. Obi 3's already bigger than me.

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