Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The JCS Guide To Interviews

The JCS Guide To Interviews

I was sitting in the middle of a semi circle in the bar at the WYP and the group interview lark - not too bad. Quite amusing actually. If not for the fact that the five other interviewees in my group are making me feel old. They're all fresh-faced and shiny, two of them even collected their A Levels last week. I'm willing to wager that there isn't a grey hair amongst them. Me? I've just added to my grey hair count by spending a morning sending a fifteen page fax through a fax machine that refuses to send faxes of more than a single page long. ALL MORNING. Even if I didn't before (and I kinda did), I now have grey hairs to spare.

But we're in the semi-circle, I'm wondering when they're going to give me a bus pass, and then we're asked to each talk a little bit about play we've seen recently that has interested us in some way. A number of plays rattle through my head. Because I am doomed and may never be able to look at musical theatre in the same way ever again, Jesus Christ Superstar pops into my head. Not just a little bit, oh no. Suddenly it's full blast 'Superstar' in there, complete with hand movements. And I know I'm going to laugh. I can even see Dom running about. And this is, I think it's safe to say, not something that would endear me to the great Rep theatre of the north. Not even Dom. They haven't met him afterall. They don't know how lovely he is. And I don't think laughing when my fellow interviewee is talking about Hamlet would go down well either.

When it gets to me I push JCS to one side and before I realise it I'm talking with my hands about t Talking To Terrorists.

Afterwards we're all taken into the quarry theatre which is devoid of scenery and people. We're asked if we have any questions. I have to hurriedly swallow 'can I move in?'.

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Val said...

They actually 'did' JCS in the Quarry Theatre earlier this year - tho it was an amateur production, not 'our' show - so they can't be toooo snobby.

All in all though, 'Talking to Terrorists' was probably the better choice! Can I just say, I'm jealous, and if you get a job there, can I join the queue for comps ;-)