Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Home Is Where Your Handbag Is

Home Is Where Your Handbag Is

I could claim that my unshakeably good mood this week, even in the face of the almost trip to Selby, is part of the after effects of Saturday's griffining. Maybe it is a little. But if I'm honest it has more to do with something much more concrete than the Griffin experience.

No, happiness it seems is firmly routed in my new handbag.

Given the size of the said handbag, purchased - thanks to some nifty personal shopping from cat - in an Oasis concession prior to getting a wet bottom on Saturday, it's quite possible that happiness is literally in there, located next to my diary and a copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The outside which conceals this Mary Poppins style vastness, is worn, distressed, squashy and silver. It is not just a bag. It is a statement. Possibly when I wear it - for it is a bag made for wearing not simply carrying - balanced halfway up my arm*, Coco sunglasses firmly on, it's a statement that I'm taking the future famous person thing a bit seriously. But it's a statement nonetheless.

And I sense - as you only can with handbags, boots and dresses - that this is the beginning of a very long relationship.

*Scientific term for your inner elbow anybody?


Aries327 said...

I bought a handbag once. Everyone said it was a purse. But I reject the term, as it is gendered and I reject all gender stereotypes. It was the first handbag I ever bought and have been using it since (I'm 27). I guess it was about time.

People still call it a purse and I slip up and do it myself from time to time, but I'm quick to correct the mistake.

cat said...

I feel like some kind of accessory introduction agency! and you two are a match made in heaven!

I'm sat here basking in the reflected glory of the handbag! I have all the joy of retail therapy, without any of the guilt - I love it!

I know you'll be very happy together!

Cat x

Anonymous said...

1) Harry P 3 is still the best
2) epicondyle!

Billy - you know who! said...

That was me (unhelpful), me, Gilly.

cat said...

but, have you worked out what to do with your hand yet?

as I see it, you have two options; either, hold something (I suggest any one of the following; cinnamon latte, champagne cocktail, mobile phone, small, furless dog, bouquet of fresh flowers, keys to your BMW, inner elbow of young Brit actor of your choice),

or, wave it around it a somewhat fey manner.

bex said...

small furless dog - ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Corinne said...

Yes, I think I may pass on the small furless dog but I'm quite taken with the 'inner elbow of young Brit actor' idea. Now I just need to find one...

[and PoA rules, nothing will ever beat the twist in the Potterverse]