Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Google Season: Rhumble

The Google Season: Rhumble

Now I know I've never properly blogged about PJ and Duncan AKA, or even about Ant and Dec, but I'm guessing they've appeared in a footnote or an aside or two because I've had a steady stream of googlers looking for the lyrics to 'Let's Get Ready To Rhumble' almost since the beginning of this blog. So, to get the lyric bit out of the way. Surprisingly I could only find one set of lyrics, with very dodgy spelling, over two pages of google, so I've ammended the spelling and prhasing as best I can without i)turning James Blunt's album off and singing Rhumble or ii)going and finding my Psyche album and copying the lyrics out.

Let's Get Ready To Rhumble

Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready to Rhumble.
Watch us wreck the mic, Watch us wreck the mic
Watch us wreck the mic..............Psyche!

Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready, Let's get, Let's get, Let's get ready ready.
Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready to Rhumble.

Strait up provin', We can get ya groovin'.
This track's boomin' It ain't no hype.
Watch us wresk the mic, watch us wreck the mic.
Watch us wreck the mic...........Psyche!

Let's get ready to Rhumble (Let's get ready to Rhumble)
Get ready, Get steady, and Rhumble (Everybody Rhumble)
Let's get ready to rhumble (Let's get ready to Rhumble)
Get ready, Get steady and Rhumble (Everybody Rhumble)

Sit back, Rap attack, Don't take no flack.
Rhyme in time to the rhythm of the track.
I'm Ant, I'm Declan, A duo, A twosome.
So many lyrics we're frightnend to use 'em.
So many lyrics we keep 'em in stores.
We've even got 'em comin' out of our pores.
Ya father, Ya mother, Ya sister, Ya brother.
Everyone's got to be an A.K.A lover!

Give us the motivation, We can cause a sensation.
Give us the aspiration, We can cause a sensation.
Give us the girls top speed, Give us the girls stampede,
Stylin' Smilin', Everybody buck willin' .


Partners in crime, We'll never do time.
A sentence for us has to end in a rhyme.
Raw...And pure like sushi,
Don't try to do me, Use me, Or even try to sue me.
We lay down the law, We're quick on the draw.
We played it, We made it, The test don't score.
No jokes, no messin', We'll teach you a lesson.
A state of confusion, to keep ya all gussin' .

Freakin it, sweatin' it, busting the mic.
Slammin it', Jammin' it, Do what ya like!

Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready ready, Let's get, Let's get, Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready ready, Let's get ready ready. Let's get ready to Rhumble.
Watch us wreck the mic, Watch us wreck the mic.
Watch us wreck the mic.........Psyche!


Written by Lew/Olton/Graham.

A classic I think we can all agree (possibly for the sushi line alone).

But this would be something of a lazy blog if I were to leave the PJ and Duncan AKA at the, albeit thrilling, lyrics of their masterpiece. No, I suspect that a bit of an explanation my be in order.

Picture the scene. It's summer 1994, I've just left primary school, my bubbling obsession with Robbie Williams has already started but has been pushed to one side by a short lived and comically named boy band called Bad Boys Inc. Then those worryingly asexual bad boys split up because no one other than the odd 11 year old girl bought their records and suddenly there's a spot open in my favourite music department. And lo-and-behold I hear Rhumble on the radio. Or maybe I saw it on tv, for all a road to Damascus moment it was I can't remember it for love nor blog. But somehow I heard Rhumble and saw the artists now known as Ant and Dec.

Thus was born the most pressing and fondly remembered of my teenage obsessions. I devoured singles, albums, interviews and their faces peered back at me from my bedroom walls. The first piece of writing I ever had published, aged 13, was a poem entitled 'I know I'm mad but...' which detailed, even I acknowledged as being, my slightly obsessional focus on PJ and Duncan. By the time they'd become Ant and Dec and finished their surprisingly prolonged musical career I was ready to move on and their faces no longer peered back at me. But I still love them, the kind of love borne out of all that excitement and belief in them through what were - in retrospect - their wilderness years. And - had anyone been taking note - then my subsequent actions will Griffin et al once I had the time and - almost - money to push things to their logical conclusions would have come as little of a surprise after the PJ and Duncan years.

And I have to confess that Rhumble had its own way of cementing the Griffin experience. A week after my 21st birthday Griffin performed his first of a run of PAs at Zanzibar nightclubs. After the performance and signing a group of us were arranged haphazzardly on tables not oo far from Griffin. The Rhumble came on and I immediately started singing. When it came to the 'psyche' bit I looked up, performed the hand actions only to catch the eye of Griffin as he did exactly the same thing. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love him a little bit more after that.

Several months later, as Nik and I tried to coax Fox into a comedy 'psyche' photoshoot, Fox's reaction to the mention of Ant and Dec led me to hit him (thankfully not too hard) and led to my immortal declaration that I went to the Bedford, had an argument with Griffin* and hit Fox. In future years I'll be blaming everything on Rhumble.

*That's what happens when you bring my dictionary knowledge into question.


Billygean said...

Why is "rhumble" spelt with an H? Is this a PJ and Duncan thing I don't know about?

Corinne said...

This PJ and Duncan quirk is one of life's great mysteries...answers on a postcard...

Aries327 said...

Who's Al Griffin? I've done a google search and come up with a billion possibilities (truly only 5,540).