Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Google Season: Alistair Griffin (Part Two)

The Google Season: Alistair Griffin (Part Two)

Now to those googlers who know who Griffin is...

And I pondered for all of ten minutes today about what I could put in this second part. But then the answer became clear. I could do what I've always done.

So, limited only by the fact that most of my Griffin reports are on my non-interneted computer and a good chunk of them have been sent to the great AG.co.uk dustbin in the sky, I found three which give a little flavour of what I might want to write here. My only requirements were that the reports couldn't be on something I'd covered in detail on here already and had to have something that was special to me in them. Really there needs to be two more to tell the whole story in minature (I'm not saying what they are, I may well come back to them at some point) but one of those isn't written and the other, for various reasons, no longer lives on AG. But for now...

First up is, as promised, an Epsom annecdote. Griffin, and a clutch of other graduates from his series of the tortous-reality-tv show performed as part of the post-racing entertainment. I went, got day-glow orange teeth, came into far too close proximity to one of the graduates and ended up talking about Dolly Parton's breasts with Griffin. Really.

Next there's possibly one of the most special moments of the entire Griffin experience; the Bring It On single signings in Middlesbrough and York. Griffin signs, sings and breaks his guitar whilst I get interviewed (a lot), meet another Griffin and get stuck in a car park.

Finally my take on the event which, at the time, Griffin called a watershed in his career. I wouldn't know too much about that, but I do know that Nottingham Ice Arena proved to be a watershed for the army too. Just be glad that this one doesn't come with sound.

I've left all of the reports as they are, no tinkering or correctly of spelling, each being written in a 24-48 hour period of the event. For anyone who doesn't know me in my AG guise, Lady B would be shortened version of my forum name. There are a couple of others whose forum names are mentioned but most are self explanatory. Except 'AnnaB' which is actually Val. Oh, and during winter 2003 I wore a purple hat. I kind of became famous for it.


Billygean said...

Hats are cool.

Might the B stand for Byron?

Billygean said...

And second of all, oh, Corinne!

I do not think the Griffin experience needs to be analysed in this obsessive way! It seemed to be despite his status as a reality tv star that drew you to him. It was unexplainable and could have only happened with this kind of magnetism if it was meant to. Perhaps all of the Army were at their own moment in their lives where they needed something sensational and dynamic to hold on to. They were all there throughout your illness – and I stress the army were there more than Griffin himself – and throughout Nic’s new start at university and I don’t know about the others but perhaps they needed it too.

I think you should just remember that it happened, whether you liked Al’s voice or Al’s hair or his lack of trousers. Or whether it was that a wonderful sense of camaderie was born out of following this bloke, and usually I would most certainly judge you following a pop star, and since I don’t, I think it is suffice to say it was some sort of … ;) and you should keep it that way – unanalysed and pure.

Corinne said...

Almost with the Byron - it actually stands for Byronette [the first forum I used the name on already had a Lady Byron, so I added the ever handy 'ette' and I kind of stuck with it].

As for the analysing, I could probably while away my life analysing the back of a cornflake packet [unfortunately - or forutunately depending on your view - it's something of a Griffin fan trait]. I think your comments are very astute and I'm very, very aware that ultimately the friends I've made mean much, much more to me than Griffin ever did or ever will. And however I look at the experience it will always dissolve to a ... because I won't ever be able to explain it fully.

But somehow I can't stop myself writing about it. I think it's worse at the moment because I'm writing Four Chords again, so it's bubbling away and I need to get some sort of handle on it. But then I've always taken my writing to be a form of self-therapy and once I've exhausted all I need to say on the subject, or how many ways I need to look at it, I'll be able to leave it.

I once read in a horoscope book that Aquarians are people who will take a rainbow apart piece by piece and yet still believe in it. I'm not sure how much notice I generally take of horoscopes but I've always thought that is a pretty accurate description of me. ;-)

Jude said...

I have always found it imposssible to describe the Griffin thing to anyone who is not similarly afflicted - must be somewhat akin to being a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. (Or so I imagine!)
And, yes, excessive over-analysis has always been the hallmark of the true Griffin fan - I'm an Aquarian too.

I had quite forgotten about the hat!