Wednesday, August 10, 2005

DA Is Mostly Supporting...

DA Is Mostly Supporting...

Today as I walked past a hairdressers in Skipton one of the photos in the window made me do a double take. There, starring back at me was a picture of the short-arsed-Geordie from Big Brother with the proclaimation that this chain of hairdressers was supporting him.

The reason that this made do a double take? Because I didn't realise that there was that level of interst in Big Brother this year. Especially given that the Producers have chosen a group of people whom it is impossible to like, let alone want any of them to win.

But it is a competition after all, and come Friday night there must be a winner. So if you've watched even a little bit of it you've probably got an opinion on whom the winner-by-default should be. And there really are only two options:

Nice-but-terminally-dull or short-arsed-Geordie. Scary-stalker-boy loses out because, well, he's a STALKER. I've never felt as downright uncomfortable as I did the night when he molested a drunk and incoherent short-arsed-Geordie. And the less said about the two girls the better.

In his favour nice-but-terminally-dull is , well, nice. He's been diplomatic, a team player and, seriously, his t-shirt tan when he entered the house in just those green pants was possibly the funniest moment that I've seen on this series. Against this is the fact that he provides the kind of humour where you want to curl up and die it is so cringe making. David Brent has nothing on his rolling-a-tv-down-a-hill stories. Plus you know that if he wins he will cry. And when he cries it's always awkward. Anyway the purist within me, a remnant of those summers when I did care, says that someone who is a late entrant shouldn't win the money. Don't ask me why, that's a fairly irrational belief but it's a belief nonetheless.

Which leaves short-arsed-Geordie. In his favour he has been entertaining. Not in the way in which hoards of BB contestants before him have been entertaining admittedly, but in relation to what else has been on offer. And I did go 'awww' when he was drunk and ill and asked for his mam. Plus he's done wonders not to have battered Scary-stalker-boy. I don't condone violence but in scary-stalker-boy's case, I'd overlook it. Against this, is of course, the fact that Geordie isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the box. Such pretty packaging but beyond that...not too much. But what can I say, he works it. And he's rather sweet.

So the Verdict from DA?

Anthony to win.


Val said...

Setting aside I don't know who these people are - what were you doing in Skipton???


Cat said...

good luck Short-Arsed Geordie!

Aries327 said...

Isn't David Brent the guy in The Office? It rings a bell. The other night we rented the first season and watched 6 episodes. It was great. But, and I know this is unrelated to Big Brother, which I don't watch, the American show Arrested Development is slightly better than The Office. If you like The Office then you'll love Arrested Development.

But I don't know, maybe the British sense of humor is too different from the American sense of humor. Hmmm....

Corinne said...

Val - I was partaking in a bit of 'Coza does the countryside (almost)' with my parents.

David Brent is indeed the guy in The Office - I'll have to look out for Arrested Development [the name rings a bell...I think it was shown on the BBC a little while ago!].

C'MON Short-Arsed-Geordie!