Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bronte Balti House - And Beyond

Bronte Balti House - And Beyond

Since we last spoke I've eaten hot doughnuts by the sea in Wales, spent a morning picking out comedy business names with Bronte in the title in Haworth* and seen a truly comic Comedy of Errors**. I've also managed to try on four dresses, two skirts, one pair of ridiculously tight trousers and a pair of shorts that I suspect qualify more as cropped trousers than shorts. And despite taking half of the content of Top Shop into the changing rooms I've come back in the posession of nothing more than some half price plastic wallets from W H Smiths, though I'm now in the knowledge that I will never find a dress in the aforementioned establishment (that would be Top Shop rather than W H Smiths, I already knew that I wouldn't find a dress there). Naturally their size ten trousers were unattractively tight but their size ten dresses were too big. No it makes no sense to me either. I know I'm weirdly shaped but that can't just be down to me. I'm not that odd. I'm going to put it down to being in Wales. I'll have to enquire of Fox - when I get to see him at some point during the next decade*** - as to whether he has a similar problem. Not with dresses, I don't think that's a conversation we need to have, but with clothes in general.

I could also go into detail on my quest**** to find shoes to match the Bag and my Mischa Barton dress. But unless you want to hera about ankle straps making my legs look shorter or shoes which cost more than bag and dress put together I'll leave that to one side.

* The word you're looking for? Iconic.

**Review coming tomorrow. Exciting, eh?

***See how well I'm hiding my bitterness that I'm not preparing to fly out to New York to smooze with Fox.

****And it is a quest, worthy of its own section Morte D'Arthur. I had thought that a pair of off-silver shoes I have would work, only to discover that they are ok, but not perfect. And this is my Mischa Barton dress. As a car advert once said, why settle for ok?*****

*****The word you're looking for now? Obsessive probably doesn't cover it.


Anonymous said...

It's not just you, or wales it's just topshop, I have a wonderful pair of trews in my size from there, dresses, skirts shirts etc of the same size are always too big or small. grrrrrrr

oh and next time you write smooze, can you either emphasise the M or use another word, insert a N and see where your mind goes ;)

cat said...

I favour schmooze myself, if that's at all helpful?

and I did see cute "vintage" crackled metallic silver pumps on sale in Office, but you might want heels for the Barton dress...?

Corinne said...

Snoozing with Fox? If that's what I'm missing by being in a different continent to him for a large chunk of 2005 then I am bitter. ;-)

I think I know the ones you mean, Cat - I was tempted by them for everyday bag/shoe co-ordination (it was always going to happen... ;-) ) but you're right, the Barton dress (or rather my legs in the Barton dress) really needs heels.

My Secrets Inside said...

I too have trouble with sizes of things in topshop and not just clothes either- shoes too although I have that same problem everywhere. I think I must have odd shaped/sized feet!!!