Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road

This morning I managed to go back to sleep after hitting my alarm off, which immediately meant that I was chasing around after myself in order to get ready to leave at eight. As it was I left with wet hair and wearing a pair of tights with a hole in. No, I didn't realise they had a hole in when I put them on and yes, had anyone asked me about it I'd have said I was going for deliberate boho-couldn't-care-less chic rather than couldn't get arse out of bed chic.

When you start the day chasing after yourself it's bound to continue in such a manner. And my mind's rather buzzy at the moment anyway so it really wasn't pretty. Rush, buzz, wet hair and a aphotocopier do not make for a good combination.

And then, just before lunch time, it emerged that the job I'm contracted to is going to take ten weeks longer than anticipated. And those ten weeks are before any building related delays kick in. So I've found myself with a 'summer job' that will be finishing around Christmas. Which would require a very loose definition of summer by anyone's standards. In some ways this is good, I may be on Monkey wage, but it's reliable monkey wage and more flexible than I could normally dream of. And brain zeroed out stuff is good for the four days a week I'm not working, at least in theory when I manage to drag myself into something of a routine. But the Christmas thing makes it, well, more solid, stretching out in front of me like something, erm, big and stretchy, say the yellow brick road. And we have to be honest, I don't exactly enjoy what I'm doing. I can deal with that as long as it's temporary, but as soon as it starts to stretch out...that worries me.

Which is why I have the buzz. It's also why I've got lots of part-time courses info, a new use for my not very attractive savings account and some illegal photocopying on me. Because, holey tights aside, sometimes the buzz can be a good thing.

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follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow follow follow follow, follow the yellow brick road...

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