Saturday, July 16, 2005

There's Something About Snape

There's Something About Snape

On the rather large list of things that I love [cowboy boots, Woolf, jaffa cakes, The Great Gatsby, the new Phoebe bag*, Byron etc etc] there is a very special place reserved for the Harry Potter books. Or more specifically - Snape. C'mon the guy's great - flawed but intelligent, a biting wit combined with swishy robes. And he's immortalised by Alan Rickman [oh, the voice]. Genius. And by far the most interesting and complex character. There's so much I want to know about him. Plus because I'm soppy girl at heart who cries over The Muppet's Christmas Carol, you know I think there's something incredibly sad in his past. Something that will undoubtedly have me reaching for the tissues. Aherm.

So it might be said I'm a bit of a fan. It probably goes without saying that I'm very excited today. And from what I've read so far I'm not dissapointed.

I've only one thing to say - Snape better still be alive at the end or Ms Rowling will be receiving a strongly worded letter.

*Not that I have Mulberry's new Phoebe, it's an unrequited love.

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