Wednesday, July 06, 2005



At 11:20 this morning the regulation envelope with a yellow sticker on the front dropped through my letter box. Now this is not a place for a Royal Mail rant but - 11:20? What kind of first class is that? Not that I want to do my postman - who I'm sure is very nice - out of a job but it's getting to the stage where it would be quicker to go and collect it from the depot myself.

But I'm not ranting. So, sitting at the bottom of the stairs I got to open the envelope with its bright red 'Oxford University Examination Schools' marking. And Paddy was right...

I got the "noble degree". Otherwise known as a 2:1

Or to be precise since this is Oxford and nothing is simple (not least the fact that they only send out your overall result and not any of your individual marks so I'm still at a loss as to how much my middle english paper buggered me) I was confronted with Class: II, Division: I, which took me a couple of looks to decipher because I did an English degree and not one involving Roman Numerals. Once I'd computed in my head I was rather pleased. Mainly because for all my earlier confidence of the fact that I'd got a 2:1 I'd had a burst of fear some time around the teeth-falling out dream. I don't think they let you within ten miles of the city if you get a third at Oxford. Public stoning may still be in operation.

I can now officially relax. Four years work done. And I've joined both Paddy and Hugh Grant with my Oxford English 2:1. Possibly more importantly I can wear my mortarboard hat to my heart's content. Now that's a result.

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