Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Party People

Party People

"Having a party?"

I look down at the collection of party paraphenalia next to the till. There's no way of getting round the fact that it looks like I'm having a child's birthday party.

"Yes - on Saturday"

"Noisy I expect"

I giggle. How little does the checkout-lady know.


I pay and collect my second bag of the day, having earlier discovered Poundstretcher to be an unexpected source of both entertainment - they had a very good paddling pool selection* - and cheap birthday tat. I'd searched more upmarket versions, discovering in the process numerous ranges of hen night tat** but - and I should have guessed this - nothing was ultimately able to beat Woolworths. Thus I emerged with a range of party stuff that must have left the checkout lady somewhat bewildered as to whether I was throwing a party for a two year old (the party bag stuff and tiaras) or a drunken rabble (the comedy party poppers and tiaras).

Now I've just got to factor in Scarborough's sand getting everywhere and the party's ready to go.

* For anyone wondering, I like paddling pools, they make me smile. Mainly it must be said because Nik and I bought Griffin one as a comedy present after he jumped into the pool at the Trafford Centre. One of the first conversations I had with Fox was about said paddling pool, so it's a double whammy.

**I discovered a 'Girls on Tour' badge in one of the ranges which I intend to buy before my next roadtrip.


Nik said...

"how do you give someone a paddling pool?"

just so that you know that despite being in another continent, i'm still on the same wavelength, or should i say, we're still one person...


Corinne said...

"you just hand one over in the middle of HMV" ;-)

Nik said...

obviously, but you may have to put it away for health and safety reasons, even though it's for LITTLE KIDS! ahem. xx