Tuesday, July 12, 2005



We'd gotten passed the armed guards at Leeds station, who'd been our welcoming and departing committee, and crammed on to the Middlesbrough train. It was standing room only and most of the carriage was buzzing with news of the house raids about twenty minutes from where we were stood. This was only interrupted by the occassional comment on how mind-numbingly hot it was. And tales of air-con systems that didn't work, people being given free ice lollies by their bosses and questioning of what the temperature has to be in order for you to legally be allowed to leave.

And then I heard one of my fellow passengers talking about theatre. And suddenly I knew there was a conversation that I had to listen to.

"I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when it first started, there was some brilliant casting Richard O'Brien as the childcatcher -"

I silently giggle as the Crystal Maze music plays in my head.

"But later [attempting to evoke the horror to Disinterested Blonde]...they cast people like..."

Stephen Gately. Go on, you know you want to say Stephen Gately.

"Well, like Stephen Gately"


"You know, the guy who was in Boyzone"

Disinterested Blonde looks, well, disinterested. I giggle because I know Boyzone. And by know I mean bought all of their singles and albums. Saw them in concert. Had a bit of a soft spot for Ronan. Not Stephen, admittedly, but close.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang guy still sems to think that he's on to a winner with disinterested blonde though. "I mean Stephen Gately - he's scary, but in a very different way".

But, as I fight the urge to laugh out loud - as everyone knows it wasn't Stephen who was the scary one of the band, oh no, that would have been Shane Lynch and his pineapple hairstyle and all over body tattoos, the train pulls into my station. As I leave Chitty Chitty Bang bang guy still seems to be extolling the non-virtues of Stephen Gately whilst Disinterested Blonde falls ever deeper into a coma.

From armed guards to Stephen Gately in under ten minutes. Kind of makes you proud.


Billygean said...

Shane Lynch was awful! My friend liked him the best, because he was tall like her and she could therefore reach him on her poster, to kiss, and I could reach...Stephen.

In fact, I saw them in concert some amount of years ago today.

I made up a dance to "don't stop looking for love."

My hamster gave birth to Ronan and Stephen when I was ten, but the hamster ate Ronan (!) and Stephen lived 'til he was 5 but never *ever* grew any fur...


Corinne said...

Gilly, that story made my day [if also left me slightly disturbed that your hamster went in for canibalism]!