Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's All In The Numbers

It's All In The Numbers

Number of holes in tights: four.

Number of people accidentally cut off whilst juggling the switchboard: three (all in the first ten minutes).

Number of ink marks on skirt: one.

Number of minutes spent laughing about things on the internet: more than I should have.

Number of hours of torrential rain: all bloody day.

Number of hours left to work before griffining countdown can properly begin: seven and a half.


Val said...

Noooooo! not a countdown!

Nik said...

just to be's nice and sunny here, well at least it was all day, now it's night and it's dark. though we did have a storm the other day with lots of rain...that was fun. me and oj had to attempt to pack all our stuff and transport it to the parking lot in torrential rain.


Nik said...

p.s when you say four, are you counting the two holes your legs go in?

Billygean said...

Comments: 4

I use the internet at work too but ust be careful if you want to be a secretary until December ;)

Corinne said...

Oh yes, a countdown!

That'll be six holes then, Nik :-P!

Gilly - I usually would be more careful on the internet - obviously I'm at work when writing this *rolls eyes* - but I'm on reception at the moment, so I'm in a room on my own with lots of long pauses as everyone always rings at once! Last time I did reception here I ended up talking on national radio, so I think my internet habbit may be preferable to that!