Thursday, July 21, 2005

Did I Say Something About Black?

Did I Say Something About Black?

Two and a half years ago in an Oasis sale I bought what I consider to be my cutest ever jacket. A denim, puffed sleeved, fitted, Military style coat that does magical, magical things to your waist.

Sadly - or maybe not given the circumstances - 18 months later it no longer fitted me. Nope, if it gives a fab shape then it also has to push any excess fat in one direction. Let me just say that it wasn't pretty when I tried it on just after Christmas in 2003. Unless, that is, pretty consists of the display of copious amounts of white/blue flesh.

Post exams, however, I've lost enough weight to put me back to my insane lympahtic system weight, only this time without, well, the insane lymphatic system. So my jacket fits again. And when I discovered this I got very happy, especially given the current almost vogue for military jackets.

Today, proudly wearing it with more than a spattering of black clothing I walked past new look. And then did a double take. I know that I said that black was the new boho, but they didn't have to listen. And pride of place in their window display?

A black military style jacket.

I never learn, do I?

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Billygean said...

I saw it, walking to work this morning. not only would it appear that new Look's clothes are all carbon copies (in many colours) of what the world is wearing, but their display windows are carbon copies of each other, nationwide!