Friday, July 15, 2005

Black - The New Boho

Black - The New Boho

I love Boho. I love vintage. I love that slightly quirky individualistic streak it's supposed to create.

But enough is enough.

There is nothing individualistic about the skirts that litter every high street. The most overblown items of the last 12 months? Ponchos and gypsy skirts. That should tell you something. Both items I've owned and loved. I bought my gypsy skirt in a sale just before I started Uni. My poncho came, after weeks of searching, a year later. Now I cannot wear either of them in their identikit, even Victoria Beckham is wearing them, style. When Senorita Beckham catches a trend you know that this is where it MUST END. Because the style Gods decree that if it has filtered through to a woman who is willing to wear a single label from head to toe anyone with even a remote pretension to any sort of style kudos has to jump ship. When this is coupled with women up and down the country - regardless of age or shape - are embracing elastic waists and rolls of fabric in the form of these skirts there's no hope. C'mon even the rats are leaving.

Because that's the problem when New Look rolls out a trend. Boho for all its apparent inclusion and volumes of fabric is actually incredibly unforgiving. It should come with "this may make you look like a marquee" stamped across it. I could never go Sienna all out boho because I have to accept that i)there are very few situations in life when people need to see my thighs and ii)I need a bit of tailoring to make everything seem in proportion. Short of some pretty heavy duty plastic surgery it's something I've just got to live with. I'd like it if others - many of whom really should know better - would accept this too. The other problem is that Boho has been stripped of its risk. The whole point of the concept is surely that something could go wrong. Not even Sienna Boho-Princess gets it right all the time. But the watered down mass produced version is devoid of risk (other than making you resemble that marquee). It's become as safe as a pair of jeans or a little black dress. And that means that - for all its jangly bits and colours - it's become a tad boring. It says nothing about the wearer.

I like clothes that reflect personality. Quirky, chic, idiosyncratic, whatever. Clothes that - in short - show a little bit of fun, reveal a little bit about you. Why copy a trend when you can start one?

If this shows me up as a secret fashion snob, then I hold my hands up. Guilty as charged. But what I love about clothes is their individuality. That there are colours or styles that immediately make me think of certain people. One of my friends calls a particular shade of green 'Corinne green'. I rather like that. A rolled out trend doesn't have that factor. It all merges into one great mush.

And, if there's one thing that I don't like, it's mush.

So, if the high street and all those boho wearing women out there could hold on to the boho whilst I go and buy lots of black, belts to wear around my waist rather than hips and some tailoring to die for I'll be quietly happy. I can still wear them with my cowboy boots, right?

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Shona said...

So I won't wear a gypsy skirt, with my hips, tomorrow!!