Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Writers' Masterclass

A Writers' Masterclass

"Paddy's three story thing is rubbish".

"That's because Paddy's not a stalker. When you stalk there are lots of stories".

"Paddy should stalk".

"Yes; Paddy - if I could give you one piece of writing advice stalking would be it".


billygean said...

Teehee, that sounds like Nik, have you spoken to her? Or perhaps you're all the same :D

Just wanted to say hi, haven't spoken to you in a while... Are you still reading? ;)

Dooce's entry today is v funny. All about dogs.


Reina said...

Girl, did you get your reality television application off in time? I totally did. Would we not make amazing co-stars?

Let's pledge ahead of time to ignore the competition and spend all of our camera time partying in skimpy tops.

Corinne said...

Gilly - I'm afraid it's a case of us all sharing one brain (ironically when Nik rang me I was on the phone to someone else and thus missed her!)

I am still reading - I don't give up cyber stalking that easily!

Reina - Wooo! We'd be fantastic[Mr Producer, if you're listening, imagine the ratings ;-)]. I'm going to go and buy some extra skimpy tops just in preparation.

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