Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Where I Talk At Length About Tennis. Again.

Where I Talk At Length About Tennis. Again.

I'm all for the girl-power stuff, but, as a tennis fan, women's tennis? It's undoubtedly more glamourous than the male equivalent and has far more 'names' in there but for a fist pumping, arm waving, vocal-chord damaging viewing experience? No. Equal pay and all that but it remains that i)in the grand slams men play best of five [much more tension and, anyway, Henman would have been out in the first round otherwise] and ii)the depth in the men's game is much greater. On the right day number 100 may beat someone in the top ten [or maybe that's just my experience of supporting the Brits], you can't say that about the women's game.

But, despite my reservations, this year I've seen a couple of really cracking women's matches. I've also seen some walkovers and more than my fair share of pretty-crap serving from some of the women, but hey I'll forgive that for the moments when I'm on the edge of my seat. Plus I've sat through Federer walkovers. These things happen. I was a little dissapointed that today's quater finals all were over in straight sets but, within them, there was some quality tennis. The second set tiebreak of the Williams/ Pierce match would have (almost) been worth the ticket price itself. That the first set of that match (6-0 to Williams) definitely wasn't was something of a blip it must be said. But I like the women's tournament this year, largely because having watched all of the semi-finalits play at some point this week there's not a clear favourite. Yesterday I'd have said a Davenport/Sharapova final but, after Venus's almost total lack of errors today, Sharapova's golden shoes may take a battering. I like the uncertainty.

With the mens however, there's been an abundance of absolutely cracking matches (I wouldn't profess myself an out-and-out Hewitt fan* but his match against Taylor Dent yesterday was the best match I've seen this tournament) but it's impossible to see beyond Federer. And that annoys me. Because I like intrigue and possibility. Maybe Federer will crack, maybe Roddick will sneak in there (I'd like that), maybe Lopez will pull of even more of an upset (I'd like that even more, not because I'm expecting it given that he'd have to get past Hewitt and Federer before he got to the final, but because he's rather sweet and has claimed some pretty big scalps on his way to the quaters). But, in all likelihood, it'll be Federer for the third year running. Which,if this happens will mean that I will officially have to place Federer on my list of tennis players who wind me up, unassuming Swiss guy that he is. It took Sampras several years, one rather humilating Wimbledon defeat and some tears to get himself removed from that list. So, Federer, be warned.

For anyone wondering what-the-heck-has-happened-and-why-I'm-talking-about -tennis-all-of the-time it should be noted that this is a temporary and seasonal blip. Normal service will be resumed when it is no longer physically possible to watch eight hours of tennis (plus highlights) a day on the BBC and I will go back to nursing my tennis addiction in secret and watching snatched moments of indoor tennis on channel 765 where they run commercial breaks between the change of ends** and you will never again have to hear about it. Until the US Open, of course.

*I don't know the ins and outs of his split with Kim Clijsters but I took Kim's side. Kim's such a lovely person and, anyway, Hewitt has such bad hair.

**This is my personal pet peeve. Especially when they play the same advert for the entirity of a five set match. No, I do not want to buy anything that is advertised by what appears to be Manday Moore singing.

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Cat said...

or, until you get a job. believe me, as one who knows, it really messes with the tennis addiction. image a world where the highlights show is all you get, and even then you're too tired to care!

man, I wish I was a student again...