Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Supporting British Sportsmen Can Damage Your Health

Supporting British Sportsmen Can Damage Your Health

It's two days into my post-Oxford life. Possibly more importantly it's also two days into Wimbledon. So, whilst my life remains packed up in bags and boxes around me, I'm more preoccupied with events on court.

No, let me get this right, I'm not preoccupied - I'm bloody terrified. About ten years ago, undoubtedly when watching Wimbledon, I chanced upon seeing a particular player. And from that moment, through his ups and downs, through tournament victories, grand slam semi-finals, first round exits and more stress than is good for any one person I've supported him. This would be a good thing were it not for the identity of the player concerned. Tim Henman does not make for an easy summer. In fact Henman does not make for an easy year all round. But Wimbledon is even worse. There's the weight of expectation, on both of our parts.

I know the drill though. He'll struggle with players he ought to beat with his eyes closed, but get into the second week where, after some heroic display on his part and lots of 'COME ON TIM!!!' on mine he'll bow out. I'll probably cry. Not as much as I used to because I've reconciled myself to the fact that Henman winning is not going to happen now. But it'll be the England-losing-on-penalties kind of upset. You know it's going to happen but it doesn't make it any easier.

At 4.00 this afternoon I thought that the yearly exit was going to happen long before I'd expected it. It didn't. But only just. Which doesn't fill me with confidence. More pertinently, I seem to have screamed my vocal chords away. This is very bad indeed on day two. There is no hope for me. I've been sucked in again.


bex said...

never let anyone tell you that you have an addictive personality will you lol.

Cat said...

two days later, and this doesn't get any easier does it?

cat said...

[some hours later still} *sobs quietly*

Val said...

My thoughts are with you Coza!