Friday, June 24, 2005

Procrastination Regained

Procrastination Regained

Unless you're some right-wing freak or browse the papers in your local newsagents you probably haven't seen the headline on the back of the Daily Mail this morning. With a large picture of Murray is the words: [small typeface] "The king is dead..." [big typeface] Long live the king". Now I'm not sure whether to bask in the predictability of this, claim that in calling yesterday's entry by that title that I've got my finger on the pulse or despair for the fact that I have something in common with the Daily Mail. I'm claiming that my use was the more ironic/knowing of the two. And I'll be writing them a strongly worded letter if I find out that they've been stealing my headlines again.

Today didn't see a total end to the procrastination which is enveloping me [there were three cracking tennis matches on for starters*] I did make some attempt to organise my life back in Leeds into some shape or form. This translates as I started some of my unpacking. Which automatically meant that I wanted to stop unpacking because it is a boring and mildly depressing job when you realise that there is no space in my room anyway, let alone to fit in all of the things which have been living in Oxford. I do now, though, have matching marks just underneath my knees where I've been kneeling on the floor, sifting through things. When I noticed them it made me think of all of those wink-wink nudge-nudge photos that appear in heat. So next time Cristina Very-Bad-Dress-Sense appears with grazed knees you know exactly what she's been doing - unpacking her book collection.

*I confess that I'm writing this now because the tennis is rained off and the BBC, in their wisdom, are showing Henman's last match. Given that I'm not made of stone I can't cope with that.

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