Monday, June 06, 2005

Farewell Phlegm, Hello Drum Solo

Farewell Phlegm, Hello Drum Solo

After a few days of phlegm/mucus inspired ponderous blogging, you may well be pleased to know that the excess fluid in my head seems to be receding. As of the last couple of hours I even feel vaguely human. And if you can't muster joy at my returning to health then I'm sure you can muster joy at the fact that this will mean I will stop blogging about phlegm. This does not, however, mean that I will shirk from my responsibility to post gratuitous pictures of Griffin in his pants where necessary. That had nothing to do with the phlegm. That was all my warped mind.

I have a sneaky suspicion that now my schedule is targeted towards finishing the first draft of The Four Right Chords before I leave Oxford that you could be in for some writerly blogs. Mainly because if something excites me I tend to write about it. So apologies in advance. But today was officially start day and that excites me a little. No, I should be honest and not try and hide behind an apparently nonchalant exterior, that excites me a lot. I'd go as far as saying it excites me almost as much as Neighbours' Dr Karl Kennedy singing McFly's 'Obviously' on Jo Whiley's show last week. Almost, but not quite.

And I'm excited because it feels so different from SSoB. When I started SSoB I had a whole underlying level of symbolism that I wanted to use. I had Eliot's The Waste Land as my backbone. This time I don't know what's going to pop up in that respect. I've also got more of an exterior to create for the characters, the time scale's much bigger, their world is bigger. Much of SSoB happens inside the characters' heads but in Four Chords the outer world matters as much as the inner. It's what the characters do, equally as much as what they say or have done. Most exciting of all, however, are the new voices. No one's yet grabbed me and written their character in the way that Will wrote himself in SSoB but it's early stages and I'm already starting to see flashes of who they might become. Ah, brave new world...

And because I'm feeling chuffed at just how different the tone is, and how it seems to be flowing, here's possibly my favourite couple of lines from today's writing:
Ben: There wasn't a band before I joined.
Jude: Yes there was.
Ben: It was just you. And your drums.
Jude: Exactly.
Ben: That's not a band. That's a fucking drum solo.
Now I just need to get that to work for the 99.9% of the population who don't think drum solos are inherently comical. Ah well, there's several re-writes to come.


Bex said...

I am saying YES to drum solos

"do you think we should have drum solos"
"erm yes"
"I dont, infact I dont see the need for a drummer"

Nik said...

*in hysterics* well, you know, if the above don't want their drummer, he can come be in my band, we'll just have to get over the problem of having two drummers.
corinne, i love you, that is possibly better than putting me and gayle in your play [though i still think you should...]