Thursday, June 16, 2005

Coza's Oxford (Part Two): The People

Coza's Oxford (Part Two): The People

This one suffers even more than Part One to the vagaries of which pictures remain on my computer. And, it would seem, the fact that I'm most likely to take photos in Trinity term. Must be the sun. So there are some notable exclusions whose photos are residing in albums back in Leeds rather than existing for eternity on my computer: several of my casts, the 2002-3 OUDS committee, some of the St Anne's Englishists, even, it would seem, The Graduate has not managed to secure himself a place on my hardrive. Well, I found a picture with his arm in but that doesn't count. Ah, how things come to pass. This, of course, does not mean that I don't love these people [ok, that I don't love most of these people] but that I'm lazy about sorting my photos. So maybe this should be re-entitled 'Some of the People'. But that's not as good is it? I should probably stop there.

Halloween (Michaelmas 2001):

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See those wonderfully hideous curtains? I had to live with them for an entire year. You really don't want to have a hangover when the first thing that you see on a morning is them. For fact fans the top I'm wearing - yes that's me with the long black hair - was purchased for that party. Little did I know that two years later I'd wear it to a gig and end up with 'Alistair Griffin xx'* written across my breasts because of it.

Charity (Trinity 2002):


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More Girls (and Boy):

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Now the Charity contingent were my babies during what fights to be my favourite term at Oxford. And again I feel the need to comment on my chosen attire - I really didn't realise how low cut that top was. Until it was far, far too late. The top two pictures were taken in the dressing rooms at the OFS [prior to them being painted beige] and the bottom one was at St Cross Bar which we took over for our cast party. About ten minutes after the photo was taken I ended up becoming intimately aquainted with the toilet floor. Don't worry though, an hour later I was dancing again and rolled back into college at 5.30am.

Trinity 2003

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Picnic in the University Parks. No, let me get this right - Teddy Bear Picnic in the University Parks.

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My tute partner. I loved drama, he loved poetry. It worked surprisingly well. Picture taken in an Indian Restaurant that I can no longer visit because one of the workers scared Nik and myself on the Oxford Tube one night.

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Some of the cast and crew of To Those Who Haven't Stopped Thinking. I ended up sound opping the show. I'd never been in a sound booth in my life. I only managed to get every cue and mix right during the final performance. But the satisfaction. Immense. Taken at our pre-final show meal. Hence we were all sober. Which couldn't be said later in the evening.

To all those whose image I've ruthlessly stolen and slapped on here - thank you. To all those who I should have put on here - thank you too. I've learnt a lot from all of you, had times when I could barely breathe from laughing, undoubtedly ranted at you, and even cried with a few of you. There are those who I suspect that I'll know for the rest of my life [yep, you're stuck with me] and those of you who have already slipped out, or I suspect may do during the following years. But, in some respects, it hardly seems to matter. You've all made my time at Oxford incredibly special. What more could I ask?

[To K & S: extra special thanks - SSoB will forever be in honour of our own Scottish summer]

*For those who haven't seen the pictures - and no I will never put them up here - the 'xx' was Griffin's attempt at, erm, aesthetic symmetry.


Reina said...

Ahh.. those pictures remind me of the time producer Corinne was supposed to make pretend forms for the chorus to hand me at the end of Act I. During the lead in to an extremely emotional song about thwarted love, I found myself staring at countless sheets of paper that said:

Reina's pants are*:
a. pink
b. purple
c. utterly naff

Tonight, the MD will cue the orchestra start after Reina and Richard have been kissing for:
a. 10 seconds
b. 30 seconds
c. after Reina has had to unzip his fly for realism purposes.

What kind of mom plays these tricks on her 'babies?'

*They were pink, curse you all!

Reina said...

You know what else these pictures remind me of?


The winner of that game was indisputably either me, Richard or Corinne... depending on what the objective was. But oy, was it decisive.

Corinne said...

I don't think I've ever run as fast down a flight of spiral stairs as I did when you came off stage after the form incident. But last night pranks are all part of a mother's love :-P

Ah, outside the Goose until 1:00am... *blushes*.

Reina said...

The worst part was you made new forms for practically every performance.

Heh heh. That was a totally awesome prank- the best anyone's ever played on me. I wish I'd kept one of them.

...I think I got my revenge when you 'won' at share.