Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We Were On A Break!

We Were On A Break!

Given that i) when I missed a day's blogging a little while ago I received a text to ask if I was still alive and ii)I seem to be very much a seven times a week girl at the moment I'm just popping in to say that Distant Aggravation is having a little finals induced break. I'd put it down to the seven exams in eleven days thing, but really it's all the ironing of my subfusc. They don't make it easier on you when you're trying to remember the entire works of Shakespeare but are more fussed about whether your gown is hanging right*. And don't even get me started on the hat that must not be worn.

I'll be back over the weekend, by which time I'll only have two more exams to go. And I'll have finally met Paddy Marber. I'll leave you to work out which one I'm more excited about.

*Quote of Monday's exam from chief examiner: "Bare legs are not part of subfusc". Quote of today's exam: "I'd have thought that at your age you'd be able to go three hours without having to go to the toilet".**

**I'd like it noted that neither of these were said to me, my legs weren't out and I wasn't losing a second of writing time to toilet breaks, I've stood in queues for seven hours without having to go to toilet. I'm not sure I should brag about that though.


Val said...

Good luck with the next lot of exams,(I am thinking about you -and glad its not me!) and, of course with meeting Paddy.

Every day you're a day nearer the end of them.

Hugs xxx

Bex said...

and just to make you feel better, everyday you are losing slightly more of your sanity.

good luck honey, not long now

Corinne said...

Thank you both; really I think today I'm only holding on to my sanity by a very, very thin thread. The midweek, oh I've done too many exams I need sleep not to do two more, thing seems to have kicked in.

Billygean said...

Heehee, Gilly's spoken to Corinne!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the break will go alot smoother than R&R - hope the Paddy encounter has been a blast.