Friday, May 27, 2005

Stars and Earth and Fountains

Stars and Earth and Fountains

I think I was pretty much comatose last night. And not in an I-drunk-the-entire-contents-of-the-college-bar kinda way. More in a total-and-utter-exhaustion kinda of way. Which is only marginally more attractive.

Thankfully yesterday's exam managed to bathe itself in a glow of actually being ok. By ok I mean that they didn't change the format of the paper without telling us as they did with the Shakespeare paper, or I didn't have to pad with my not-very-great-knowledge of middle english. On my way to exam schools I bumped into Harry SSoB, I should have taken it as an omen. Less than an hour later I was quoting his chunk of Shelley in an essay on solitude. I do love my Romantic boys.

And now? I'm not sure that reality has sunk in yet. My room's still strewn with revision notes and books that have long since given up hope of being returned to the bookcase. My gown's on the floor. I left my tie in the kitchen for reasons known to no one other than my deranged brain and found it there this morning. It's all maybe too immediate, too unreal. The paraphernalia of finals is too visible for it to be otherwise. Maybe reality will settle in the next week or so.

Before reality gets its firm grasp on me, however, there's a fountain in York with my name on it. So I'll be away over the weekend, hopefully not breaking my leg this time. If I get spectacular bruising, though, I promise to show you it.


Nik said...

trust me people, you don't want to see any bruising coza may get, especially if it's anything like last year... xxx

Billygean said...


Now you are no longer stressed (and I have met you) could you e-mail me SSoB? Nik's computer is well and truly ...

- I know, I know. And thanks for the Angelina Ballerina water colour! You underestimate how UNtalented one can be at water colouring but Mike's going to help! I will be despatching one of the completed 6 to you as decoration for your... box. Or whatever you choos e to live in as a postgrad ;) (I only make these jokes because I, too, am deeply afraid of graduating and enjoy poking fun at others. Just call me Chandler).

Gilly xxx